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Spence Behmer (E-mail)

     - Professor, Department of Entomology (Texas A&M University)

     - Chair, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Program
     - Member, Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience


Pierre Lesne (E-mail) - Postdoctoral Research Associate

     - Nutritional physiology and collective behavior of invasive ants


Carrie Deans (E-mail) - Postdoctoral Reseach Associate (co-supervised with Greg Sword)

     - Nutrient-Bt interactions in plant feeding insects


Wei Chen (E-mail) - Ph.D. student (co-chaired with Keyan Zhu-Salzman)

    - Modification of plant sterol pathways to affect insect physiology


Trevor Steele (E-mail) - M.S. student
     - The influence of food protein-carbohydrate profile on nutrient signaling in insects


Richelle Marquess (E-mail) - M.S. student
     - Nutritional physiology linked to life-history trade-offs

I am always looking for bright and motivated graduate students and postdocs to add to the lab. My philosphoy is to work hard, but have fun doing it. As an advisor I work with my students and postdocs both one-on-one as well as in a larger group, and encourage my students and postdocs to work together to assist each other in their individual development, as well as that of the lab as a whole.


Postdoctoral research


If you are interested in postdoctoral research on insect-plant interactions, insect nutritional physiology, insect physiological ecology, insect learning, or some combination, contact Spence Behmer by E-mail.


Graduate study


If you are interested in graduate research on insect-plant interactions, insect nutritional physiology, insect physiological ecology, insect learning, or some combination, please contact Spence Behmer by E-mail. Additional information on the Department of Entomology and Graduate admission to Texas A&M University can be found at the following links...


     For application information to the Department of Entomology


     For general information on Graduate Admissions to Texas A&M University


Funding is always a concern, but there are numerous fellowships available (both nationally and at Texas A&M University) if you have a high grade point average and strong GREs. There is also the possibility of support through teaching assistantships funded by the Deparment of Entomology (and sometimes other Departments on campus).


Interested PhD students are encouraged to come visit the lab. The Department of Entomology offers travel grants for prospective PhD students who are based in the continental United States (travel takes place in early February). These travel grants are awarded on a competitive basis, and applications become available during each fall semester.

Rebecca Clark- Postdoctoral Research Associate (2011-2015)
     - Currently finishing a short postdoc position with Tony Zera at the University of Nebraska, but
     is taking a new postdoc position in Octoboer in the lab of Caroline Williams (University
     of California-Berkeley).


Angie Martin - M.S. student (graduated 2015)

    - Currently working as a lab technician.


Marion Le Gall - Ph.D. student (graduated 2014)
     - Working with John Tooker (Penn State University) as a postdoctoral researcher.


Paul Lenhart - Ph.D. student, co-chaired with Micky Eubanks (graduated 2014)

     - Working with Jennifer White (University of Kentucky) as a postdoctoral researcher.


Xiangfeng Jing - Ph.D. student (graduated 2011)

     - Associate Professor, Northwest A&F University (Yangling, Shaanxi Province, P.R. China)


Steve Cook - Postdoctoral Research Associate (2008-2011)
     - Working as a Research Entomologist for ARS-USDA (conducting honey bee research).


Karl Roeder - M.S. Student (graduated summer 2010)
     - Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the lab of Mike Kaspari (University of Oklahoma).


Andy Boswell - M.S. student (graduated summer 2009)

     - Currently working for Ducks Unlimited (Houston, TX)


Rachel Wynalda - M.S. student (co-chaired with Roger Gold; graduated spring 2008)

     - Currently working outside of academia


Amber Rico - REU program (summer 2010)

     - Graduated from Rippon College


Madelyn Weeks - REU program (summer 2010)

     - Graduated from Clemson University


Ashley McConnell - REU program (summer 2008)

     - Graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore-County

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