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Wei Chen

Ph.D. Student


     Department of Entomology
     Borlaug Center, Rm127b

     Texas A&M University
     College Station, TX 77843-2475


     Phone: (979) 676-3209
     Fax: (979) 845-6305

I am a PhD student with a strong interest in entomology, and agricultural pests. I am co-advised by Dr. Keyan Zhu-Salzman and Dr. Spencer Behmer. When I was an undergraduate, my major was Plant Protection, which gave me a comprehensive knowledge about the relationship between plants, insects, pathogen and other environmental factors. My current interest is nutrition based plant-insect systems, which focuses on the modification of plant sterol profiles and the effects on insects. Since sterols are required nutrients for insects, I want to use modern biological techniques to generate transgenic plants with key genes modified in the plant sterol pathway. In the long run, I believe this system can expand our understanding of the relationship between plants and insects, and lead us to develop a novel and environmental-friendly strategies in pest control.

B.S. in Agronomy (Huazhong Agricultural University, China 2012)

Exchange student (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan 2012)

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